Want success? Don't rely on other people.

Successful people never depend on others and try not to take favors from them. Most people who had helped you in your past would boast others about how they helped  you after you succeeded. So never give someone a chance to  talk about you in this way after you succeed. Secondly, the people who are motivated and self-made will always succeed no matter what because they are the ones that know that quitting will be a bad decision and their dreams won't get fulfilled . Hard wok on your own is the best thing you'll ever do in your life and there will be nothing on earth that can stop you from reaching your destiny. 

Believe in yourself
Belief in oneself is the first step towards success. If you have this attitude, you'll always do what you want and will achieve your goals. Why do you even want to rely on others when you have your parents to support you? Parents will never brag about their favor towards you and do remember that they will always be there by your side when no one else will because they spent their lives building yours. Study hard and always stay determined. 

Stay curious
Always have questions in your mind about many things that inspire you and those things that you are interested in. Ask questions and advice from the successful people in your family or any relative. They will tell you better and more accurate stuff then other strangers or random people that you meet. Surf the internet and search for things that you are interested in and  get to know more about your future aims. 

Stack the deck
Always pre-plan the tasks you wont to perform or the things you want to do. Having an idea of something before facing it is a great thing to do and one day you'll find out the results. Successful people like Bill Gates pre-plan and get prepared for their future challenges. Even in most job interviews you have more chances of recommendation if you have already have some details of the company and aware of their codes of conduct.

Change your attitude
Kind-hearted, compassionate and cooperative people always have more chances of succeeding and  getting a job. Companies usually look for these people because they want motivated and trust worthy people that can fulfill their tasks and are good in time management. Never be rude to others and never get annoyed to answer others, especially when they ask you for advice. Always appreciate others and compliment them frequently.

Connect with others
Staying connected with friends, family and co-workers is a good  thing. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are one of the main sources of communication nowadays and most of them are free so use them and stay updated. Interacting with others and reading their posts can tell you more about their personality and their actual self.  Staying social always lands you into ideas and you get to know about more stuff. Make friends that can motivate you and always hope good for you.

Stay Healthy
Staying healthy is good for both mental and physical health. Most scientists and researchers sat that those who stay healthy and fit are the ones that perform better than others and have more ideas. Studying and working all the time is not good for the health and it is not beneficial.  Those who do both work and exercise are the ones that are spending their lives the right way. Just eating and sleeping is not life. Always remember that we eat to live and not live to eat. Have soothing things like mint drink, lemonade juice and other herbal stuff , they will give you relief from stress.