The History of James Bond in Graphs

Plotting the evolution of the secret agent in kills, conquests and martinis.

James Bond, the ever-tactful super spy, has seen many reincarnations over the franchise’s 23 films thus far, and while some things have changed with the times — with Daniel Craig’s Bond representing a darker, more brooding portrayal than Pierce Brosnan’s flashy, trigger-happy agent of the ’90s — other elements have stayed the same. The Economist takes a playful data-centric look at the history of Bond with its “Booze, bonks and bodies” infographic, which surveys the average number of kills, carnal conquests, and martinis consumed per film of every Bond compared to one another. Brosnan comes out top with kill count and hearts stolen, while Craig comes in second with a rather booze-heavy approach, followed by Sean Connery in third place. A following graph also plots the box office nettings against IMDb ratings, placing Craig as the most successful Bond yet.

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