Drink Coffee and help a cause.

Coffee is an everyday routine thing for most people and they just can't live without it. But did you ever heard of any coffee company that donates some amount of their profits for some causes? Maybe, No but "Enods" a new startup company is really emphasizing a lot to help the poor and the ones in need.
Enods, which stands for " Earth Needs Our Dedicated Support ", is an online platform that uses digital commerce to help causes and non-profits compliment their fundraising efforts. Enods aims to become the predominant ecosystem for cause related commerce.
 It donates 10% of the profits gained,

  You can make the needy benefit from your purchase. So go to the Enods website and get subscribed to one of their coffee plan. There are different plans like 3 month subscription, 6 month subscription , 12 month subscription and if you just want to check it out for once then there is a one time subscription too. They have different variety of coffee so you can choose your desired flavor. You can also choose the cause you want to help.