This "Kaleidoscopic" Carpet Let's You Interact With Abstract Art

Artist Miguel Chevalier, who is renowned for his colorful digital works was recently commissioned by the 2016 Milton Keynes International Festival for an installation that would be placed in the town’s Middleton Hall. The project is a “magic carpet” that encompasses a large section of the Hall’s floor, and in true nature of Chevalier’s art, the piece is not only colorful and abstract, but also interactive. While it was already presented in 2014, the newer version has different scenes and graphics that people can walk on — they can shift and manipulate the shapes and colours on the floor simply by stepping on them. It’s similar to those interactive floors you’d find at your local mall, but on a grander and more impressive scale. Furthermore, a special mobile sound by artist Ray Lee accompanies the installation to give participants a more visceral experience.

“Magic Carpets” will be at the Mitlon Keynes Internation Festival from July 15 to 24, 2016.