Laguna Beach Vibes

California beaches won't disappoint you. Someone asked me a question few weeks ago ; "What's your favorite beach in California?" , I was speechless and then I said that I guess I like them all. Every beach I go to, seems better than the old ones. This happens every time.
Anyways, I captured some random pictures along my way to Laguna Beach .

Kept my beach towel and essentials here. This spot was a perfect pick as it was just near to the beach cave and the waves weren't able to reach this spot and also because there weren't any people around. I'm not really anti-social but it's just that sometimes we all want some time of our own. By the way, I went to the high wave zone and the wave threw me back to the surface. Just another thrilling moment to my memories.

I entered the beach from this path, Not many people use this path as it's far from the main area of the beach and also because a part of the staircase is broken. As I saw the lifeguard there, I started thinking that maybe sometimes being a lifeguard is a an easy and tension-free duty.

I don't know why but somehow this is my favorite part of Laguna Beach. I noticed that not much people hang around this part of the beach or maybe that's because I was around, just kidding!  :D  xD  

Saw this patio of one of the homes around the beach. Isn't this picture lovely? If I lived here, I would love to have my breakfast here in the morning and utilize this patio more than the people who live here. By the way, this is a private property so I would give complete credits to the home owner/owners.

Credits to respected home owner (btw I took this pic)

Saw this old vintage care near the place where I parked my car. By the way, I'm not sure about the make/ company of the car. Maybe it's Cadillac . Then, I also saw an old vintage Rolls Royce car but I wasn't able to take it's picture.

Credits to respected car owner. (I took this pic btw)

Finally, I would conclude that Laguna Beach is really an amazing beach and I would highly recommend you guys to go there. Just know that finding parking there can be a pain in the butt but the wait is worth it.  I know that I wasn't able to take many photos for this blog post but I'll try to make a better and detailed blog post based on Laguna Beach in near future. Stay tuned till then and wait for more travel blog posts.

This is me by the way, I'm one of the bloggers from Grace For Men.