Hiking on a 90 °F day

Was enjoying those spring days and all of a sudden the temperature went up to 90 °F on Saturday (April, 22nd) which also happened to be Earth day. I honestly wasn't aware that it was going to be this hot that day but regardless of the hot weather, I went for hiking on Anaheim Hills Trails. I really enjoyed it out there and I was the only person there as others were probably at home staying away from the heat. But the good thing is that I got to capture some amazing videos of the scenery and sunset there. I shared one of the clips on my Instagram page (@grace_for_men) exclusively for Earth day. April has always been one of my favorite months, not just because it's my birthday month but also because of spring and the atmosphere,

What I wore?

This outfit isn't really usually worn for hiking though lol . I regret not wearing my track pants and just the top by it's self.

Shirt:      Dockers shirt
Tank:      WalMart tank top  (WalMart has some pretty cool cheap priced tank tops)
Jeans:     H&M    (As always because it's my favorite brand)
  Hat:     California Crown   (They have a dope variety of snapbacks)